Warwick Castle

On the 31st of October our year went to Warwick castle.

We had to be at school for 8:00am and we were ment to get back to school at about 5:30pm so it was a long day ahead of us.

The journey to Warwick castle was 1 hour and a half!!!!! 🙂 It was not a good journey I started to feel travel sick so I had a little sleep.

When we arrived were waiting so we went up to this dressed knight he was quite grumpy because we kept asking him questions and touching his armour he got very angry with us we all laughed!!!!!!

Our first trip was to walk on the look out. We had to climb up 530 step but the difference is these step are steep. When I looked down from where we were standing I felt sick!!!!

We went into the jail next we saw all the horrible things that happened to people when they were naughty. they was a dark gap in the jail we were all to scared to go look but it just turns out it was just a area were the men were locked up and stayed there till they rotted. 🙁 yuck

We went into the gift shop and most people bought sweets but I bought a postcard and a keyring. We also had lunch.

We watched a duel now it was between a man who was going to be killed for treason and a king. It was acted out very well and because it was halloween we got an extra performance. There were 3 men in the beggining but only one standing in the end.

We were taken on a guided tour no it was called Kingmaker it was basically just showing us what men did light the men who made the armour ect my most interesting fact was that every single man went to battle except the white smith because in those days it was very hard to find another white smith.

We went through the kings house now there was a very evil lady who satred at us and made me shout MOMMY!!!!!!!!!

We aslo went and watched a quick film clip, went to the play ground, and learnt about a catapolt!!!!!

That was our day thank you again to all the teachers that took us!!!!

We had our 1 hour and a half journey home!!!!

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